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  • Over the last years has evolved from a regional marketer of kerosene in the U.S. to the largest publicly traded petroleum and petrochemical enterprise in the world. Today we operate in most of the world's countries and are best known as familiar brand names. We make the products that drive modern transportation, power cities, lubricate industry and provide petrochemical building blocks that lead to thousands of consumer goods. Our focus is on finding and monetising oil in Africa and the Atlantic Margins. Our portfolio of over 120 licences spans 22 countries which are managed as three Business Delivery Teams.
  • We create value over the business cycle by finding oil and selling oil. To achieve this we must execute exploration campaigns, deliver selective development projects, maintain our production and ensure we are suitably financed through a mix of diverse funding options and portfolio management.
  • Our business model addresses the fundamentals that we must have in place to manage our risks and help us deliver our strategy. These include: sustainable operations; protecting our people, communities and environment; high standards of governance coupled with strong and effective risk management; an engaged multi-disciplined, diverse and entrepreneurial team; and making a positive and lasting contribution where we operate.
  • Our business model is underpinned by access to diverse sources of funding and we adopt a prudent hedging strategy to mitigate oil price risk. The Group negotiated suitable debt capacity to fund the capital intensive period of the TEN development. However, the Board’s primary objective is to deleverage the Company organically through new production cash flow, but also through portfolio management opportunities.
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